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Welcome to DreamStonz Jewelry

A different kind of jewelry shopping experience for a different kind of woman…

 by a different kind of woman.

DreamStonz July 2013

 DreamStonz is moving to Handmade on Amazon!

Everything you see on this site is being discounted 25% during the move.  Starting August 2016, I will be posting  my new, one-of-a-kind designs, to this website for one month at special Goddess pricing.  At the end of each month, unsold pieces will be shipped to Amazon for sale at retail prices.

DreamStonz July 2013Every DreamStonz piece is unique.

I accept custom orders and can sometimes nearly replicate a design you love but didn’t grab before it was sold,  but many of my pieces are inspired by its one-of-a-kind glass art focal bead.  So the rule is, ‘if you see it and love it, buy it now’ – especially if it is still here on the website at Goddess pricing.

                                        Come back and visit. Often.

Every month there is a new crop of hot-off-the-bench designs and in between, some very interesting discussions about life for women – especially those of us in high intensity careers where getting personal presence wrong can have serious consequences.  So, read, share, shop.  Add wine, sip, repeat.


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Women's Rights equals Human Rights

Women’s Rights equals Human Rights



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