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About the Artist


This is me, Najia, the artist who designs every DreamStonz piece. I am actually far more attractive than I appear in this picture. I am gorgeous, really. I look kinda like Michelle Pfeiffer. Sorta. In the right light, I do. Actually with NO light we are like identical twins. Really.

But you may be more interested in why I, a trial lawyer, developed Dreamstonz…

In the more than 20 years I’ve been slaying dragons in the courtroom, I developed a great appreciation for the power of presence. When I was a newbie, a professional woman was expected to look as much like a man as possible to be credible…blue suit, white shirt, pearl choker, minimal make up. I realized that by hiding my femininity, I was relinquishing a powerful tool that men did not have.

Just as “thinking like a lawyer/CEO/doctor/engineer/entrepreneur” does not mean we shouldn’t use our female intelligence, looking like a professional does not mean we shouldn’t exploit the vast array of options women have in wardrobe to create the perfect presence for the mission at hand.

Change the mission, change the equipment.
Jewelry is a tool to enhance your presence in line with the mission. Negotiating a tough deal might call for the statement necklace; seducing your special someone (again!) might mean a sensuously graceful Y-necklace. It is as much of a mistake to wear the same accessories day in and day out as it would be to wear the same shoes.

Artists not factories.
The problem is mass produced jewelry is not designed for sophisticated, elegant women who want a wardrobe of unique pieces to suit the occasion and the mood. Factory jewelry is affordable but made without regard for whether the base metal and plastic components will turn your skin green or fall apart. Fine jewelry is well constructed and made with quality components but few of us can afford a wardrobe of diamonds and emeralds. Yet we know jewelry says something about us and we know we are unique, beautiful, multi-faceted, and multi-talented creatures.

DreamStonz to the rescue.
Around 2001, I started designing jewelry to complement my business and social wardrobes. Though not intended for sale, fellow passengers on airplanes, court reporters at depositions, and colleagues at black tie galas pressed me to sell the pieces I happened to be wearing then and there. I once had to insist I be allowed to wear my necklace through closing argument in a jury trial before handing it over to persistent lawyer intent on buying it!

So what started out as self-fulfillment grew into a business. My time is now split between practicing law and practicing design passion. I try to do both with integrity and purpose.

I am honored to create jewelry to enhance the unique beauty of every woman who is powerful in her own inimitable way. Thank you for supporting this crazy little thing called DreamStonz!

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