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Sometimes pets are heroes in unexpected ways.

Who knew?

Never thought about it – because, thank goodness, I never had to – but our pets sometimes need blood transfusions too.

After their Dad read the article in our local paper, below, our dogs responded to the call for doggie donations.  They trotted off to the blood drive and had a great time socializing with the other donors.  They even got a bag of treats, too!

Just goes to show heroes and heroines come in all sizes.

adoptapetpostGoddesses can be heroines too – without rolling up your sleeves.

Purchase any item from DreamStonz.com this month and I’ll make a donation to our charity of the month, Adopt-a-Pet.org.

And, yes, you’ll get a treat, too!


DreamStonz August 2013Savannah Bracelet, one of our featured animal themed pieces this month.

Caveat: Savannah is an endangered species because it is one-of-a-kind.

Congratulations, you’ve made it through Wednesday.

Congratulations, you’ve made it through Wednesday.

You know you should be grateful for your job- your education- your family- and you ARE.. but still, you don’t seem to have enough time to do the things that really matter.
I  know -really – I do know how you feel.

Part of it is your to do list. Ok, most of it is your to do list. We all have to do lists that have nothing to do with what matters.

Bet you don’t have ‘spend one hour quality time with my lover/parent/children’ on that daily agenda.  Never mind “find the best bungee jumping deal” to get one bucket list item struck from your list.

Short sightedness is the way we all seem to deal with over the top busy lives.  A mad merry-go-round of putting out fires.

Until you realize you actually can jump off.  At least from time to time.

When I started DreamStonz I was jumping off. At least some of the time.  And because that is significant, I needed to make DreamStonz significant.  I wanted it to be a vehicle for the empowerment of women and do good somewhere along the way.

So  one thing I committed to is to donate a percentage of sales before I made my first dime.  When I started researching charities,  I saw so much need out there that I had trouble choosing one charity for donations.  So I didn’t.  Instead I choose a different charity every month. Of course, I hope to sell enough to make at least a small difference in the charity’s struggle,  but more importantly, I hope to have an impact in the consciousness of my Goddesses.

This month, Adopt-a-Pet is DreamStonz’s charity. This is a phenomenal support system for helpless animals with nowhere to call home.  They help shelters across the globe figure out how to be no-kill and still keep the lights on.  It is a worthy cause.



Two_by_Two_Grouping.2I have designed a number of animal themed pieces in honor of this month’s charity. They will be posted to DreamStonz.com on Friday morning.

Just in time for the weekend and a chance for you to decompress again.

And maybe put something that really matters on your to do list?




IMG_0001These are our pups.  Sophie, the alpha girl dog in the middle, is in charge of making sure I take a break once in a while by plopping her chin in my lap rather insistently.  Her brother, Toby, the sweetest of the lot, loves to lie under my bench and chase down the run-away bead for me.  Bear – a dog abandoned on the tiny island of Virgin Gorda and rescued by my loving husband (that story is for another post) – knows how to tell time – he begins lobbying within ten minutes of dinner time no matter what time zone we are in.

Dreamstonz first blog post!

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