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TEARS OF JOY NECKLACE- off white pearls with Swarovski clear crystal rainbow sheen teardrops and delicate sterling silver bib necklace

Catch the light wearing this piece and a special admirer will have to catch his breath.

Unique necklace of purple iolite gemstone with pearls and sterling silver


A truly unusual and graceful one-of-a-kind design.

VENETIAN CHOCOLATE NECKLACE- brown Italian Murano art glass with gold foil, Swarovski crystals, and gold plate chain

Like a gondola ride in Venice sipping champagne and nibbling chocolate, this necklace is totally sigh-worthy.

Wild Iris Necklace- blue, green, turquoise, white art glass with semiprecious serpentine gemstones and unique sterling silver clasp

Crazy gorgeous art glass and natural semi-precious stone in a most unusual design – so unusual, in fact it is the only one!

ZIPPER NECKLACE- blue, grey, gun metal Swarovski crystals with unique sterling silver clasp

Edgy, sophisticated, and yet feminine. This necklace is just so YOU!


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