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The Rock Candy Collection is designed with Swarovski crystals and squaredelles to look like the confection that probably funded more than one dentists’ retirement. Because I use only genuine Swarovski, each piece has the proper heft and drape –no cheap fly aways here. The crystals used in the design come in a variety of colors that can be custom mixed to suit your, well, suits. Or dresses. Or mood. Not all the crystals are super bling-y. Those with the Aurora Borealis (“AB” for those in the know) have a rainbow reflection that really dazzles; perfect for formal affairs or any occasion that calls for seduction. The non-AB selections are shiny but not glittery, so they are suitable for everything from accenting professional wardrobes to adding pops of color to casual jean outfits. In addition to the color of the crystals, you can select the color of the crystals imbedded in the squaredelles – those little spacers between crystals – as well as the metal – sterling silver or vermeil (18k gold over sterling silver). Below are some examples of various color combinations. The top two are examples of monochromatic designs: green crystals with green squaredelles; clear AB crystals with the same color squaredelles. The next one down is all red crystal with clear crystal squaredelles. The next three are examples of triplet colors, #4, 5, 6 in photo. The design lends itself best to odd number color variations 3, 5, or 7. Any color squaredelle can be used. For example, the topmost triplet has blue AB, black diamond ABand clear AB crystals with green squaredelles. The next two are examples of an ombre or color dip effect, #7 and 8 in photo, going from dark to light. Finally, at the bottom is the tri-color style. The toggle clasps are different but usually very simple. Fancier ones like on the black ombre cost a bit more. Please take a look at the Rock Candy color chart and let’s see where your imagination takes you!

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