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Statement necklace – earrings in blue tiger’s eye gemstone and art glass

Statement necklace – earrings in blue tiger’s eye gemstone and art glass

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Chunky yet graceful; a statement piece that does not scream.


Product Description

Blue Nile Necklace & Earring Set

We know, we know. Why did Najia name this black piece blue? Because it is. The large rounds are blue tiger’s eye. The camera simply cannot catch the way they gleam in a midnight blue color when the light strikes them just so. Such unusual stones were needed to set off the talent of Laurel Mountain artist, Melissa Blanton.
This necklace is laden with beautiful sterling silver; from the striking bead caps that cup each tiger’s eye round, to the powerful slide clasp. The main focal is of midnight glass with an abstract raku design of colors that overlap each other creating a palette of yellow, blue, taupe, pink, green and purple. Melissa finished the focal with clear glass dots for texture and added small rounds to the set. I incorporated those rounds in the necklace along with glass discs from the torch of a second glass artist, Lori Greenberg; each disc contains tiny specks of the same raku colors encased in clear glass. So you’ll be wearing the art work of three different artists, not counting mother nature.

Earrings are on sterling silver closed wires. The necklace is about 17" long; the focal should sit just below the notch at the base of the neck. The earrings dangle 1" from the base of the sterling silver lever back pierced earrings.
This set is so subtle in its mysterious flashes of color. Although it contains multiple colors, it does not come across as rainbow. It will go with any color outfit. Any time, any where. Gotta love that.
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