Jewelry for the Brazen Career Woman

Who Defies Convention To Celebrate Who She Is 

"So what's it like to go from an intense professional career to life as an artist/B&B owner??"

Many people are intrigued by the idea of turning one’s life on its head and doing something entirely different. Running a bed and breakfast and creating a small business out of a former hobby are probably the top two self -reinvention dreams.

My husband and I did them both. And moved to a different country. All at the same time.

Actually, we’ve done this re-invention thing before.   Colin, a qualified accountant, at various times worked in the United Kingdom, Canada, the British Virgin Islands, and the United States.    I went from Organizational Psychologist working on Wall Street in New York to trial lawyer handling complex civil litigation cases in Arizona.

We decided to start blogs (there is one on our Cheers B&B site too!) because people kept telling us to write a book. Maybe sometime when we really retire, we’ll have the time to write a book.   For now, a blog will have to do.

The Cheers to the Dream blog is about travel, food, wine, the B&B experience - and reinvention; the DreamStonz Goddess blog is about reinvention from a woman's perspective, including how art, style, women's health, confidence...and jewelry (of course) play a role in our journeys as women. 

I am glad you are here!  

So, there will be lots to talk about in answer to the question, "So what's it like to go from an intense professional career to  life as an artist/&B owner?". 

Stories - yours, mine, and ours await!

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