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Sometimes Pets are Heroes in Unexpected Ways

Who knew?

Never thought about it – because, thank goodness, i never had to – but our pets sometimes need blood transfusions too.

After their dad read the article in our local paper, below, our dogs responded to the call for doggie donations.  They trotted off to the blood drive and had a great time socializing with the other donors.  They even got a bag of treats, too!

Just goes to show heroes and heroines come in all sizes.

Goddesses can be heroines too – without rolling up your sleeves.

Purchase any item from this month and i’ll make a donation to our charity of the month,

And, yes, you’ll get a treat, too!

Savannah bracelet, one of our featured animal themed pieces this month.
Caveat: savannah is an endangered species because it is one-of-a-kind.

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