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Texas Tea Bracelet



A rich concoction of burnished smokey gold and deep jet black - this bracelet has a kind of edgy, gothic glamour vibe that ends up being wildly easy to wear. 

...emphasis on "rich." I love Swarovski's special line of metalllic crystals because they are soft metallics, not adolescent screaming metallics - rather like a pencil lead.  They are nestled between jet black crystals and golden Swarovski squaredelles, each with tiny jet black crystals imbedded on all sides. An exquisite twisted vermeil toggle clasp finishes the look.

Texas Tea is slang for crude oil - stuff fortunes are made of - so I finished this piece with three dangly crystals for good luck!

Like all Rock Candy and Sugar pieces, you have a choice of colors and patterns and metals! Just contact me!


This bracelet is approximately 7 ¾ ” which loosely fits most Goddesses. I can easily change the length if you wish.


This bracelet can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.  It is equally comfortable styled with a simple white blouse and slacks or adding to the sex appeal of a little black dress. 


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