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High Tea Bracelet



Sisters Cheri and Celeste spin magic from glass in their Wisconsin, USA studio. They created a one-of-a-kind series of eight masterpieces, four of which appear in this bracelet (the other four are in a slightly different, more tea-colored design named Violet Meadows and shown below). Some people think they look like shells, others see a rose. When it is your bracelet, you get to decide.

Each truly unique art bead is accented by clear glass rounds separated by sterling silver twisted rings and each of those bear tiny droplets of glass in complementary colors. I hand wired all of this to a lovely rose sitting atop a sterling toggle clasp.


Approximately 7 1/2 “ -perfect for the average sized Goddess wrist.


The tiny dangles do not make noise as you go about your busy day; they simply create grace and color to your every motion!  


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