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Hypnotique Bracelet



Made for larger wrists! 

Loaded with genuine deep purple amethysts, and .925 sterling silver, this bracelet would be stunning even without the art glass beads.

But who could resist the unusual imbedded sterling silver netting in the art glass bead with spinning a magical combination of turquoise, purple, and olive colors. There are no other beads like these!

You'll love the way the two strands dance around each other on your wrist almost as much as the graceful sway of the three dangles – genuine peridot, amethyst, and turquoise – on the sterling silver shepherds hook clasp.

I avoid wearing noisy bracelets -they remind me of my cranky old high school english teacher - so I made sure this bracelet will be very quiet as it slips your admirers under its spell.  


This bracelet is approximately 8 “ long; it is too loose for the average wrist.  Wearing it with the strands twisted up around each other makes it shorter by about 1/4".  If you have an average or smaller wrist, I can shorten the bracelet for you at no charge.


 The colors in this piece lend themselves to jewel-toned attire.  Of course, it would also pop against a neutral outfit too!

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