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Two-by-Two Zebras Necklace



Part of the Noah's Ark series of animal prints, all six of these necklaces are designed to highlight the artistry of glass while adding just a touch of the classic go-to print.

The glass artist painstakingly created each glass component one be one (not two by two!) by swirling molten glass and carefully placing spots or stripes of more molten glass on each of the focals before shaping them into little hearts and matching rounds.

These Zebras are white with jet black stripes dancing elegantly among the strands of silver.

The .925 sterling silver twisted link chain is finished with sterling silver heart toggle clasp.


This necklace is approximately 30” long.


Animal prints are a classic, but it is easy to overdo it.  Limit the animal touches to 2 or 3 accessories- a two-by-two necklace and animal print shoes would be about right at work.  On your day off, of course, feel free to go wild!

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