Jewelry for the Brazen Career Woman

Who Defies Convention To Celebrate Who She Is 

Times Necklace



What is black and white and re[a]d all over? A newspaper, of course; thus the name of this piece, Times.

The prolific glass artist, Glen Mincey, created the art glass beads in opaque black and opaque white. The dot-dash design on each bead is executed by dripping molten glass onto the glass core. How these artists do that without creating a hot mess, I don't know.

The pop of color comes from red coral beads which have natural holes and inclusions. The whole dot-dash thing is repeated the .925 sterling silver beads I carefully chose to give heft to the necklace. The sterling sliver hook closure is enhanced with a tiny genuine Moonstone.


Approximately 26”.


A classic color combination like this is perfect for taking the ordinary white shirt, black slacks or jeans outfit to the level of Wow! Add a pair of red shoes and let the strutting begin.


The coral beads must be treated with love.  Do not get them wet!  If the silver needs polishing, use a treated cloth, not anything that requires soaking the necklace.  

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