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Drizzle Necklace



This necklace is both daring and feminine - kind of a sexy combination, right?

Original Dreamstonz imagination. Swarovski crystals drop from a strand of blue fresh water pearls*. I say drop rather than dangle because the crystals are at the end of a flexible silver wire imbedded in lacey sterling rounds; they are not at the end of a string, so they don’t dangle on a line. Designed that way to give each drizzle it’s own distinctive shape. You can (gently, please) re-shape them any way you like. After all, it’s your party and you can drizzle any way you like.

I added two art glass rounds in midnight blue to anchor the design so that is lays “just so” on the décolletage. The sterling silver clasp is adorned with a beautiful faceted blue topaz because it was irresistible. Now no one can resist admiring you when you wear this imaginative piece!


This necklace is 16” long. The length can be increased if you wish. Just contact me.


Wear this on date night or to that dressy event in a low cut something and see what magic happens!

*These fresh water pearls must be treated with love - no harsh soaps, perfumes or chemicals should ever touch them!  

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