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A Road Less Traveled Necklace



As we get older, we realize following the 'unwritten' rules of society to feel accepted is actually stifling our personalities.  As we begin to accept our uniqueness, we slough off anything or anyone that does not fit the emerging new iteration of ourselves.

We start upon the road less traveled, searching for meaning and self expression.

This necklace, like all jewelry, is a tool of personal expression.   The semi-precious midnight purple-blue iolite gemstones criss-cross a meandering path of genuine baroque pearls in sterling silver tell the story of your journey to who you are now and what you might be tomorrow. 


This one-of-a-kind necklace is medium length - about 17" long, plus another 2" drop of the pendant.


The midnight purple-blue color in this piece is like the dark wash in jeans;  it will not clash with black or blue. The design is sleek enough for work wear and sexy enough for everything else.

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