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About the Artist

About The Artist

About the Artist

Hi, I am Najia. DreamStonz jewelry designs are the product of my many reinventions and fueled by my art glass addiction.  All my life, I've collected glass art from around the world, so I suppose it was inevitable that when my creativeness needed expression, it had to be in glass.  I create because it is a way for me to express my love of beauty, especially the beauty I see in women who are themselves in the midst of reinvention.

My Muse.

Imagine the woman who has created several iterations of herself, and still does.  Sometimes she initiates a new life because she has decided it is time to change. Or it may be an external circumstance that launches her into a new world.  Either way, she must find Herself in it.  

Can you relate?

That woman is my muse.  I see her as I design and create.  Knowing this piece might be a talisman for her; that extra thing that gives her more courage in her reinvention journey.

What does jewelry have to do with reinvention?

Every reinvention involves four things: learning or honing a set of skills, a new routine, a new wardrobe, and a whole lot of self-confidence.  

Think about it:  going from student to professional?  Yep, you've got to learn the ropes, get up earlier, dress the part, and survive the imposter complex. 

Or, like me, going from trial lawyer in the USA to semi-retirement running a bed & breakfast, Cheers B&B, with my husband in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and making a business of a decades-long jewelry design passion.  Did I need those four things to reinvent myself?

  • New skills?  No experience in the hospitality industry. Check.
  • New routine?  OMG, where shall I begin? Check.
  • New wardrobe? Anyone interested in used suits and pumps? Check.
  • Confidence? More wine, please! Check.

So, I design jewelry for all of the various iterations of how we live our lives - each with a dose of "You got this, woman.”  

You are not alone.

Because I wanted to create a platform for women to share reinvention stories and to support each other, the Cheers to Dreams Blog was born. My husband and I blog about our latest adventures in our own wild reincarnations and share the wisdom we and others have garnered along the way about managing the chaos that is life.  Please sign up for the blog!

I am honored to create jewelry to celebrate the unique beauty of every woman who is powerful in her own inimitable way. In my book, you are all Goddesses!

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