Jewelry for the Brazen Career Woman

Who Defies Convention To Celebrate Who She Is 

Blush Rock Candy Bracelet



Swarovski crystals designed to match your glow when people complement you on your fabulous taste in jewelry. This DreamStonz favorite goes from crystal clear to baby pink to a deeper rose color. It is no coincidence that that is the same sequence as a blush!

The crystals have a special Aurora Borealis coating that gives them an extra sparkle to go with the fabulous sterling silver adjustable toggle clasp and the dangles I wrapped with sterling silver wire.

Like all Rock Candy pieces, you have a choice of colors and patterns and metals!  Please contact me for details.

And if you’d prefer the blush look closer to your face, blush necklaces are available in lengths from 14” to….well, I suppose, the possibilities are endless!


This bracelet is adjustable to two sizes: approximately 8” or 7 1⁄2”.

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