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Chakra Rainbow Y Necklace - CUSTOM ORDER ONLY

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Custom Order Only

I have recreated this design several times, each having a slightly different variation - in length, chain style, clasp type, and some variation in the number and placement of crystals.  It is a labor intensive project requiring some time.  If you would like to order, please contact me for the current manufacturing and delivery time.


The extremely popular Y shape of this necklace is a testament to attention to detail. I carefully selected every Swarovski Crystal in four different shapes to create a gradient of color through the 7 chakras from root to crown and topped with a Swarovski pyramid flat back connector to represent the connection with the Universal Spirit. Every crystal is wire wrapped by hand, one by one, using .925 sterling silver.

The chain is also pure sterling silver and made of antiqued twisted links ending in a twisted toggle clasp. The sterling DreamStonz tag is there to dispel any doubt this is an exclusive DreamStonz piece of art, each one made to order.


The Chakra focal is 3 ½” from the top of the pyramid to the tip of the last crystal at the bottom.  When you order your Chakra Rainbow necklace, you may specify the length, chain type, and clasp type.


Because every color of the rainbow is in this necklace, it is hard to imagine anything that it would not look stunning with any outfit!

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