Jewelry for the Brazen Career Woman

Who Defies Convention To Celebrate Who She Is 

Leather and Blue Jeans Set



The rusty red color of the Red Jasper twisted triangles combined with the denim blue of the Sodalite faceted rounds somehow reminds me of the cowboy look of leather and blue jeans. Maybe I've watched one too many old Westerns?

No matter, the super modern hammered sterling silver links take the whole piece to the 21st century office and beyond. Everything is wired by hand (my hands, to be precise).

The sterling silver post earrings echo the design without being too “matchy-matchy."


Approximately 42” long with no clasp. The earrings are1 ¾” long from the post.


A very easy to wear set.  It rocks with blue jeans and brings artistic design to work clothes.  

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