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Who Defies Convention To Celebrate Who She Is 

Om Bracelet



Sailors of old carried Aquamarine as a talisman against drowning because it was believed to calm the sea. Now it is believed to calm the mind that churns like a raging sea of overwhelming responsibility. This explains why I named this bracelet OM.

The semi-precious Aquamarine stones are natural and not polished, so naturally they have uneven shape and rough texture. Because Aquamarine is a relatively soft stone, there are no sharp points to scratch you, but this design does have edginess!

The bracelet to which each aquamarine is hand wired is .925 sterling silver, as is the lobster claw clasp.


The bracelet is 7 ½”, which is the size that fits most Goddesses.


This gentle color works easily with all pastels and neutral outfits.  

Note:  These natural aquamarine stones must be treated with love - no harsh chemicals for them!  Should the silver tarnish, polish just the bracelet with a treated cloth.  

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