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Purple Angel Bracelet



Murano art glass has been world famous for centuries. It's no wonder why. For one thing, Murano artisans developed the fabulous technique exhibited in this bracelet.

Pure silver foil is imbedded in the molten glass and, as the layers upon layers of glass cools, the foil cracks giving the art glass its unique textured quality. Like all glass artists worth their salt, Murano artists make sure to properly anneal each piece, so no worries about breakage with normal wear!

Purple, and sapphire Swarovski crystal cubes and spacers complete the look of this endlessly wearable bracelet. Sterling silver toggle clasp securely holds the bracelet together.


The bracelet is approximately 7 ½ “.  Bracelet Sizing Guide


Because of the elegantly light and simple design, this piece lends itself to being worn alone or stacked with other bracelets.  It will stand out either way!

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